Press Quotes/Mentions

"…because now she’s going to have to breastfeed an entire population of adoring lesbian fans."

"Mindy Raf killed it as a crunchy singer/songwriter vegan lesbian chick (which totally doesn’t sound as fun as it was, right?)… a great character who nailed the type without edging into groan-inducing. She was a stellar surprise."
-The Portland Mercury

“Think Flight of the Conchords by way of Sandra Bernhard and you get an idea. Imagine a grown-up daughter of Tina Fey
and Will Farrell had they both been born in the backlots of Michigan and you
might get another.”
-Miami New Times

-New York Post

“we walked out holding on to our ribs from laughing so hard and juggling thoughts about the objectification of women and the enslavement of vanity. No small feat.”
BUST Magazine

“But the real surprise was lesbian folk singer parody Leibya Rogers singing about how her tampon smells like freedom
and how she wants Katie Holmes to be her girlfriend.”
-Next Magazine

“Our favorite contributor in the gem department is Mindy Raf… .some much-needed girl-power perspective.”

“Leibya Rogers is here with a very important PSA about W.A.P.I.A. that needs to be heard.”

‘If you tried desperately to learn Ani Difranco songs on the guitar in high school, had your heart broken at an Indigo Girls concert, or ever wrote a paper in college about the “male gaze”, you are probably going to love
this music video by girl-rock activist/poet Leibya Rogers.”

Friends/Fans/Comedy Colleagues

"The music of Leibya Rogers makes me go to a special place, and that place is my vagina."
-Sara Benincasa

“When I first saw Mindy perform as Leibya, my jaw fell to the floor. Funny, smart, winning, and a little dangerous.”
-Livia Scott

“Watch and you will Laugh.”
Andrew Stuckey

“I have never bean to soy-ch a great in show in my entire life! I’ll see it ve-gain and ve-gain!”
-Jon Friedman

“She is an incredible talent, and sure to add even more awesomeness to your event. No matter how many times
I see her perform, it is always funny, fun, and celebratory of women and consciousness.”
-Jessi Erian

“Ever thought about adding a lil chick rock with comedy to your lineup? I suggest you do! She is hillarious and everyone in NYC loves her!”
-Amy Beckerman

“We can all fly freely, if we just listen to Leibya.”
-Carla Rhodes

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